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Property Gallery

Property in Gurugram

Our motto is “Digital India, Green India.” Therefore, we help to reduce our carbon footprint by saving paper and conducting most of our business on the web. This sensitivity, innovative thinking, and professionalism is what sets us apart from our peers and makes 333 Acre the leading Indian Real Estate Portal of India. Established in September 2011, 333Acre entered the business of Buying and selling Property in India, especially Property in Gurugram. Our chief aim is to reinvent the way India buys and sells its properties via the magic of internet and digitization. Traditionally, India has always witnessed keen interest from buyers, investors and sellers in the real estate market as it has generated handsome profits for all. Our team of highly skilled professionals has focused on providing property in every state in India like Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, and cities like Gurugram, Delhi/NCR areas among others. The redesign introduction of digital 333 Acre has been done ahead of the scheduled time frame. It's recent merger with IIDMR to form India's biggest digital real estate portal, this move will further strengthen 333acre and IIDMR position within the real estate economy system. The system of Buy, Sell, Rent on 333acre has been enhanced with new features aimed at all information under one roof and less paperwork. Digitalization in property is very good and will help brings transparency in the system of sale and purchase. It 'll also raise buyers' confidence several notches, as the whole sector will come under a digital method. It has a positive effect on buyers and sellers both! What’s even more convenient is that you can now visit an actual property through the virtual world and get an on-site assessment from the comfort of your home and office. Not to mention the money you save on petrol and the traffic hassle you circumvent! Not only is our company providing verified property to the buyers but it also excels in other services related to real estate industry like Architects, Vastu specialist, Bank Loan details, circle rate of different area and others. In the very words of our founder and CEO Rachna Sharma, “My portal is preparing for re- entry with digitalization into real estate, with plans to launch the service design in 2017. The emergence of real estate sector in India or property in Gurugram has more to do with the high purchasing capacity of buyers, increase in standard of property and growth in economies with the aid of modern supply and distribution solutions.” Presently, the property in Gurugram is in the developing stage and will further grow in the coming years. Infrastructure development is very high in Gurugram and as a result, the demand for property has fuelled further and made seller happier. On our portal, a user can find the actual circle rate, property availability, Bank loan system and other services which are in consonance with what exists on the ground. That means we are saving you the time and hassle of grappling with multiple brokers and giving you information at the click of a button. Our aim is to provide cutting-edge technology which is also user-friendly and enhances user experience. We act as a facilitator for the customers and clients and ensure that they get the best available deal. There are enough unsold units in every project, which can be taken as collateral by banks, to fund incomplete projects but if we sell that project on time then there is no requirement of funding. This is the primary reason that drives 333 Acre for promoting marketing in a digital way. Make an intelligent choice and save time on property sale or purchase by going digital. Rachna Sharma

Property Makeover "333 Acre"

MAKEOVER OF PROPERTY Property Makerover Specialist : Rachna Sharma In 2011 an idea was birth in a women mind that is" Makeover Of Property". what is Makeover basically ? A makeover is a process in which one can changing one's appearance in better way, often using cosmetics, modern jwellery and hair styling. As per Rachna Sharma (Founder of 333 Acre) Property Makeover is based on the our principle - removing artificial enhancements to a property's appearance to give a more 'demanding' look. The 333 property makeover is a combination of procedures that improves the property and its prices. It can include professional photography, project makeover, creating demand in market, digitalized marketing and 333 acre's mobile friendly microsites. The property makeover time can range from 3-hours if a person want simple makeover and above then this sky is the limit. We decorate the property with so many jewellaries.. like Vastu, Architect services , Loan facilities, Easy Payment oprtions , Attractive aminities and facilities, etc.This is the main reason why builders and developers moving in "333 Acre Studio". In 333 Acre you will find every state's property celebrities like property in delhi , property in Mumbai, Property in Hyderabad, Property in Rajasthan, Property in Jaipur, property in Chandigarh, Property in delhi, Property In delhi/ NCR, Property in Noida, Property in Gurgaon, property in faridabad, and so on.We do real makeup , for example we input google earth map not artificial one, we put government approved documents for transparency, we input orginal payment plans and location map. If bank will finance the project, we try to provide all informations about that. 333 Acre is a consumer and builder friendly portal which provides all the informations in simple way. As Property Makeover Professional Rachna has done multiple projects in her six- year-long career in realestate and that includes projects with low range to highest range.One thing's clear - Rachna Sharma won't settle for anything less than what she believes she deserves. Experts from a chat with the 36 - year- old professional in real estate. Over the years , what has been your equation with other Builders and Developers ? There's transparency in our work. They never pressured me into doing anything . They told me that they wanted me to be in the position where i could choose the right marketing ways on my own. And , I appreciate that they trusts my ideas and judgments.. Rachna Sharma is a busy women. She is not just occupied with her business, social work, home , but also with her son. Her son Dhruav expressed his desire to become realestate professional and the proud parents says they weren't surprised when they got to know of his ambition. There is no harm in it and we believe whtever an individual wants to do, he or she should be encouraged in that direction. If it's his dream, he should try it but not feel an fear. www.333acre.com Mail : info@333acre.com

www.333acre.com brings residential plots at most affordable prices with lucrative schemes

www.333acre.com is a flagship company in the real estate industry which has made incredible success in selling plots and “ready-to-move-in” plots online in north and north-west India. This online real estate portal has been formed with an aim of narrowing the difference between desire and reality of its customers. The latest project introduced by www.333acre.com is known as the “Ghar GharAwasiya Yojna” which is a milestone ever in the history of real estate in India due to the highly economic schemes for the buyers of plots of various sizes. If you are looking for investing your hard earned money in something profitable, www.333acre.com arrives as your best friend with its best possible options to make your future secured. The plots sold by www.333acre.com are available in 100, 200 and 300 square yards at an incredible price of Rs 450/ sq. yard. The company takes a pledge to make a mark in the industry of real estate by launching several highly lucrative schemes of buying and selling plots of land in Rajasthan near the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). www.333acre.com is committed to offer gated township with all the state-of-the-art facilities at hand to its buyers who wish to build their dream habitat on these plots. The surging popularity of www.333acre.com can be attributed to its honest dealings and sincere effort to meet the needs of the customers who come from all economic backgrounds. Although it aims at providing plots and residential apartments at the best available price, however, compromising on quality and business ethics is a strict NO-NO for this company. Due to its core-customer friendly transactions, most of the plots are within the reach of the middle and lower middle class populace of the society. www.333acre.com believes in giving equal opportunity to all its customers who put their trust on the company’s service and goodwill. Now, buying a plot of one’s own choice is no more a distant dream even for someone whose monthly earning is somewhat around 3k-4k or for a person who has to depend on her/his pension money for livelihood. All that a buyer has to do is book a plot of land for Rs. 2100/- and pay the rest in 2017 during the registration of the land. www.333acre.com gives its customers a bonanza offer of 0% interest in EMI till registration for fulfillment of everyone’s dream of a quality living. This offer is valid till the plots belonging to the “Ghar Ghar Awasiya Yojna” project are available and is not applicable for any other project of www.333acre.com. www.333acre.com guarantees its buyers of a healthy eco-friendly environment to set up their dream habitats where they can enjoy the conveniences of an urban lifestyle. Banks, hospitals, schools, libraries, colleges, ATM counters, multiplexes, shopping malls, parks, and salon spas are all at hand. Being located near the DMIC, conveyance to different parts of the state is an added advantage to the residents of this area. For those who want to be the architect of their own futures, www.333acre.com comes forward to fulfill their dreams! For More Details Contact at : E mail : jayaaasharmaa@gmail.com or Call : 9212555297

Property in Faridabad

On Thursday 21st April 2016, a proposal of Faridabad Smart City (SCP) was submitted to the Union Urban Development ministry. This accomplished news was announced by Mr. Aditya Dahiya (acting commissioner of the Municipal Corporation) of Faridabad. As per www.333acre.com views this would be a great step in improvement of property in Faridabad because first time it includes the improvement of Bhadkal Lake, Smart Toilets, Underground Cabling, Revival of Eco – Tourism of Faridabad, Smart Solid Waste Management and many more countless things. Government decided the budget of smart city transformation is INR 2600/ crore. As per Mr. Anil Kumar, principal secretary of urban local bodies, Haryana Government The Revised Smart City Proposal (SCP) will helpful to create economic impact through transit orient development and smarter mobility and urbanism for social and environmental benefits. As per Mr. Kumar In the revised SCP plan includes new car parking system, taxi and auto stands, bike sharing system, new pedestrianisation and Non Motorized Transport (NMT) and intelligent traffic management system and smart civic infrastructure has been included. They will develop the area of eco – tourism of Faridabad means area near Badkal Lake, Smart Urban Villages, open air gymnasiums, multimodel hubs and development of many more slum areas and development in basic services of Faridabad. 333 acre says this would be a great initiative by government in terms of betterment in property of Faridabad, it will definitely rise the price of property in faridabad. Jaya Sharma www.333acre.com

Basic Tools of Digital Real Estate Business

Now it’s a time of devices like mobile, tabs, Apps and so many things. All the things available any time on your fingers. No need to go somewhere else for buying or selling anything. All the things just a one click away. Like other business www.333acre.com is also turning their business into Digital India theme i.e Real Estate Digitalization (RED). 333 Acre suggest some tips to be digitalization in Real Estate. 1. Multiple Option : First of all, Realestate website should be packed with multiple options of properties and other related services . 2. Payment Options : Secondly if the website visitor want to buy anything from your web , he/She should have proper online payment options. 3. Designing : property design should be real not imaginory. 4. Current Updates : Always buyer abd seller want to be up to date with market news so your website or portal should care this thing. 5. Communication : There are so many ways of communication from website. Viewers always get in touch with dealers or developers.


Now the world of online searching of property is convenient and popular. Property purchasing is just a click away But In the race of RED (Real Estate Digitalization) it can turn into a nightmare. It can be harmful if not done prudently. Mrs Rachna Sharma Founder of 333Acre tell us about some tips which we need to keep in our mind while searching or buying Property in India or anywhere. Because of Diwali and Dhanteras Realestate market is booming and Buy | Sell | Rent property online is a better way to avoid the dealers commission , traffic problem and crowd. The real Aestate market is packed with so many schemes like 0% EMI, EMI start after possession, Free gold coin or car etc, it just takes few seconds to Buy your property online.The entire process of buying | selling and renting property is very exciting and this process saves a lot of time, money and of-course our energy But this process requires the client should be very smart. Here www.333acre.com provides some tips which we all should keep in mind while Searching | Buying | Selling | Renting property online. 1.COMPARE THE PRICE OF PROPERTY : Some real estate portals and websites are specialized in real estate industry. You should compare the prices of the property which you want to buy. www.333acre.com has a unique feature of comparison chart. It will help you to purchase the property with best price. 2.PAYMENT OPTIONS : At the time of payment of booking amount or EMI of property take a online receipt immediately and keep an eye on your bank statement and E mail or phone messages to make sure no extra expenses or deductions take place from your account. Before doing the payment it is important to read the hidden terms and conditions carefully and Also do read whether the property cost includes EDC, IDC, PLC, Parking Charges , Club Membership Charges and other charges. Since you do not get to see the property documents and available units, there are chances you may not like property once it booked. 3.BACKGROUND CHECK : 333Acre advice you to purchase property from trusted brands. The Builder or Property Agent must have proper contact details including street address and pin-code. If someone have more suggestions please mail us at info@333acre.com. We will publish your words on our portal www.333acre.com. Madhulika Gupta 25-10-15


www.333acre.com defines the term RED (Real Estate Digitalization) in a very simple way. According to Marketing Manager of 333Acre “Mrs. Jaya Sharma” says that when we transform real estate from manpower to digital sources or electronically it is called RED. The current scenario of real estate is only manpower But if we change our business module into the digital technology and improve our revenue and information then it will be defined as Real Estate Digitalization.RED is an initiative by 333 Acre to ensure that Property in India, Dealers contact details, Architects details, Vastu Consultants and other information like Circle rates of the desired location, Current Rate of interest, Registry cost etc. are made available for clients electronically. It will be possible by improving our online infrastructure and by improving our internet connectivity speed. In a survey by www.333acre.com they found that Indian Realestate Market spends about 4,000 crore amount annually on advertisement and sales & marketing out of which 18% amount are directly spent on digitalization. To complete this mission we have to spend more on internet market and improve online speed.For Digital Real Estate we have to do the following steps. 1.Manage SEO, SMO and if possible PPC of current informations. 2.Conversation Optimization 3.Proper engagement with clients by regular article posting, advertisement posting, E mails, Blogs and Press Releases etc. 4.Research about the competitors and know about our weak points. 5.Gave proper online receipts and documents to the client. 6.Instant Messaging by Whatsapp, Facebook Messanger etc. This is not the last point. Sky is the limit. Digitalization is a very wide term and depends upon industry to industry. In real estate it is like a dream but we have to convert this imagine into reality. Mandira Shah 24/10/15


There are so many new projects come up at NH-24 because of its development. Development in infrastructure always boost the real estate sector in a big way. As you all heard about the tenders for 14 Lane at NH-24 that is from" Nizamuddin bridge to Dasna" , this is approx 28 km wide stretch. This is the main reason for rapid growth of real estate in nearby areas. As well we can see the rapid development in this area. We can see lots of builders here who are come up with lots of new housing projects here. Nizamuddin-Dasna stretch will also be the part of Delhi-Meerut Expressway and this infrastructural development change the real estate sector scenario. People show renewed interest for buying property here. Here property demand is raising and this is a good news for developers. As per www.333acre.com point of view there are rapid growth in the price of already running projects here and the new projects will get better rates. We expect that the work is done in the 60 months (5 years) deadline that government talking about. Mrs Rachna Sharma developer and owner of a real estate portal Adding further, says , "Its time to be happy because this is a big news for all region, commuters, residents and developers. The widening of this NH-24 stretch which is 28 km will ensure a smooth flow of traffic Because in Normal routine days this stretch was always buzy. This stretch observe over 40,000 regular vehicles normal during official hours as well 80,000 commercial vehicles that enter Delhi. If government will work systematically than the timeline can be achieved within the time period. Jaya Sharma 15-10-2015

“Digitalisation in Property Business” – By 333acre

Mrs. Rachna Sharma, Founder & Director of 333acre property portal. According to her Digitalization in realestate means Information & Implemention in a quick and betterway. In realestate sector people required exact information about the property, its location, its price, legal issues etc. Informations needs to be genuine and managed by intelligent people and after that communicated in a smart way. Till now this process is not digitalized by any realestate company or portal but www.333acre.com team says they are working on it because information is the first step of investment in property and when a particular information is in demand then it means we need more professional approach. Now a days what builders do ? They have promised more and more but in actual they are not able to delivered all promises. We are trying that when people evaluated all the property informations like price of property, circle rate of property, interest of loan against that property etc. under one roof in genuine way then they can implement in sure. www.333acre.com Dated : 2nd october 2015

New Target for NHAI in 2015

NEW TARGETS SET BY PM “MODI” FOR HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION. As per new Land Acquisition Act People are now taking the compensation since there is clarity on the applicability on the act. In the last year per day construction of highway was 13 km and until August it was close to 16 km But now Mr. Modi set a new target for highway construction that is 30 km per day. As per wwww.333 acre survey Mr. Nitin Gadkari had assured the problem is resolved soon. Officials said that the maintaining the tremendous speed of awarding projects for the next 2/3 years will translate into achieving the target of 30 km per day.Last year approx 8100 km was awarded for upgradation and now in the current year this target is minimum 10,000 km. Ministry of officials said that if we can achieved the target of last 2 years then why cant 30 km per day. By www.333acre.com Jaya Sharma Dated 27-9-15

Car Free Roads in 22nd september 2015 in Gurgaon !

Car –Free Roads on 22-9-2015 in Gurgaon Gurgaon people enjoyed Car Free Day in different ways on Tuesday. Delhi regular Commuters , however , had a tough time as many of them were not aware of the arrangements in the Millennium City. When www.333acre.com team visited there we experienced that the most crowded roads were in deserted look on Tuesday like Cyber City, Golf Course Road, Cyber Park and many more.First the in the property of Gurgaon we seen “the service lane so Free”. The second unexpected charm was car pooling. Some MNC’s provides rental bicycles for its employees for Car Free Day. Jaya Sharma www.333acre.com

Delhi – Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)

Due to the upcoming project of DMIC (Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor) the government has decided to achieve some targets like increasing the employment opportunities by two times, industrial production by three times and making an increase in export business by four times within a span of five years. According to www.333acre.com not only the big industrial cities like Gaziabad, Noida, Faridabad, Jaipur, Ahamdabad, Vadodra, Surat, Valsad, Vapi, Nasik, Thane or Pune etc. will be get connected through this corridor and there will be easy transportation of the things/items between Mumbai and Delhi also.

These 7 reconstruction centres are supposed to be developed in Dadri-Noida, Gaziabad of UP, Manesar of Hariana, Khusheda- Bhiwadi - Neemrana of Rajasthan, Dholera- Ahmadabad of Gujrat, Pitampura of MP, D.Port and Shendra of Maharashtra.77% part of the DMIC will pass through Gujrat 39% of Rajasthan whereas 10% from Maharashtra and Haryana and 1.5-1.5% of UP and Delhi will contribute to this whole project. By DMIC we can see the hike in prices of property in delhi, property in Maharashtra, Property in Mumbai, Property in Jaipur and so on. Along with the DMIC project, 9 big mega industrial zones are to be coming up in picture, which will spread in 200-250km area. Besides this high speed frat corridor, six airports, six lane expressway will also be connected to this corridor. The government will also work on development of many industrial hubs, factories, industries simultaneously. Under the DMIC corridor project 7 new cities will also be settled. An industrial lane from Delhi to Mumbai will also be there which will be connected through dedicated frat corridor and 7 new industrial cities will be developed around the DMIC project.

www.333acre.com says for this 1484km long Delhi – Mumbai industrial corridor, 2-2 in Maharashta and Gujrat and 1-1 in MP and Rajasthan are to be installed under the distributed electricity scheme. The Environment Department has given the green signal for both the project of Maharashtra and one project of Madhya Pradesh.The first phase work has already started in which it will be connected with big industrial parks of Dholera in Gujrat, Metro rate link of Gandhi Nagar- Ahmedabad – Dholera, indore airport and Pithampur etc. Delhi- Mumbai Industrial Corridor is one of the biggest infrastructure scheme. The Indian government and Japan government together contributed their bit in the development of this project.

Satyamev Jayate; A Chord To Lead Girls Live supported by 333acre-a property portal

Satyamev Jayate, the much-talked about TV show produced by Aamir Khan and directed by Satyajit Bhatkal has started from 6th may 2012 and in a very short span of time the serial has become the highest rated show with 4.1 rating. The first episode, which conversed about the female foeticide has seen huge positive sentiment across viewers. India is rising and soaring to new heights which make everyone happy and proud to be Indian. But in our society there are some bitter truths to these we turn a blind eye. Usually people believe why they should think about those matters which not concern them. But actually everyone should speak loud about these matters because we all are the part of society. Mother is the most special person in everyone’s life. Here in India we worship many Goddesses in the form of our Mother. And Islam too it is said that if there is heaven on this earth, that it is at our mother’s feet. Why does mother have an important place in life? Why is a mother child relation so special? Because mother loves us selflessly and unconditionally, she not only brings us into this world but also make us capable to live in this world. Really Mother is so special. In fact without a mother, without a woman, this world and this humanity cannot survive. But how do we treat our mother today? There are mostly people thought that female feticide is practiced mainly either in rural areas or in the small towns where the illiterate live in. But actually the so-called elite class of our society (Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai) is the main origin place of female feticide. The number of female feticide is killing upwards of one million females in India annually. In some areas, the sex ratio of females to males has dropped to less than 8000:1000. Females not only face inequality in this culture, they are even denied the right to be born. According to 2011 census, the rate at which the unborn female children were killed was 10, 00,000 girls a year. There were 914 girls for every 1,000 boys, the 2011 census revealed. Girls are equally talented and capable of performing any work. If we worship goddess, why kill unborn girls. They should also have the right to lead their lives. There are mostly people thought that female feticide is practiced mainly either in rural areas or in the small towns where the illiterate live in. But actually the so-called elite class of our society (Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai) is the origin place of female foeticide. Actually the female foetus started in 70s with the government hospitals. All India Institute had printed a paper, they stated that people only wanted a son and girls are being born without any reason. So if we kill the female foetus and let male child be born to those who want it so the problem that this country is facing the population explosion will be solved. Now according to this an extensive problem was started and in all the big hospitals in the country not only was this service available free of charge but also the mothers who would come they would be interact as like a salesman and the all process would be explained to them through the family planning workers, doctors as to why do you keep giving birth to children. You want one or two sons, and through this test, we will help you in giving birth to these sons. Although some activists objected to this and government officially banned it is in government hospitals, but by then it was too late. People come to know that such a test could be performed. At last, the question is that how can we get-rid of Female Foeticide from the country, hence the solution has rooted-out that immediately some big doctors should get exemplary punishment for those who have made this their business. Korea is only the country which initiates first to kick-out female Foeticide and changed their sex ratio. In the 90s they found out all the big doctors who were involved in this business, they were put behind bars, their license were cancelled so this practiced stopped immediately within a year actually. 333acre enthusiastically protests female foeticide. Female Foeticide is a blot to our society but a single body cannot rooted-out it alone, hence we all should jointly have to raise the step forward to chuck out Female Foeticide through the country.

Is Real Estate Corporations Follow Satyamev Jayate

Real estate market in India has been taken an extensive shoot since last 2-3 decades. Hence varieties of builders, developers and dealers have entered in the market with great enthusiasm. To further strengthen the real estate market plenty of property portals are playing a vital role and proving variety of services to the investors and visitors. There are uncountable real estate portals available worldwide and each one is trying to provide diversified information to the logger, but there is not a single portal which can actually demonstrate the true face of builders and developers in front. There are various builders and dealers who promised a lot but at the time of entirety, move back from the commitments. For example Earth Infrastructure Ltd who promised a lot under Sector-112 Gurgaon project but actually didn’t fulfill the single one. The construction was on the way while the time of delivery had come. Also few sources showed that the company is selling the land twice and cheating the investors. In addition to this Punchsheel, Raheja, Felicity and Lotus-valley were introduced some projects in Jaipur at NH-8 with Omex and Vartika have not given the possession of land on due date. The companies committed very much but the investors actually didn’t acquire the authority on land as per their commitment. These all are the few examples of builder’s fraud. There is none of a single real estate portal has familiarized this information except 333acre. ‘333acre.com’ is one of the leading portals which offer ample range of services to strengthen the real estate market in India. 333acre is a platform where buyers and sellers can exchange information rapidly, effectively and inexpensively. There are plenty of real estate portal are available worldwide then why in a short span of period 333acre is leading over them? The simple answer of this is 333acre believes on ‘Satyamev Jayate’ and this is a key strength of portal which make it separate from other. 333acre is always take-care about reliability and versatility. 333acre.com is well-poised to play a major role in real estate in India. The company has a dynamic vision for the future and ambitious and Plans to realize its vision in various sectors. Diverse residential, commercial, retail, entertainment and hospitality projects, high-caliber management and technical team are the strength of 333acre. There are some inimitable reasons which continuously strengthen the portal range and energize real estate personalities (investors/ dealers and many more…) to come and be a part of 333acre. • A reliable online portal for best real estate deals • The most trusted business website for property deals • Easy to use and available 24x7 • An interactive platform for dealer and investors • Maximizes the profit margin of dealers and developers • Listing of unlimited projects and companies • The news and information source for real estate. • Expose the fraud of real estate personalities (Dealers & Developers) • Always try to introduce unrivaled services

Residents Living Around Metro Corridor May Pay Additional Tax

The people residing in close proximity to Metro lines may have to pay the more tax on property. The recent declaration by the Urban Development Ministry may give investors a reason to worry. Residents living around the metro corridor will have to pay additional tax to the government now. This is one of the innovative methods to generate funds for the development of infrastructure of Metro. DMRC is likely to extend its ongoing feeder bus services to enhance the metro connectivity to those areas where metro is not available. The residents living nearby metro corridors may have to pay an additional tax of 10 percent. The reason behind this decision is to operate metro train is a huge investment and the expenses are too much to handle. 75 percent of the amount collected as tax will be added to the Central Government’s Urban Transport fund. The fund could be utilized for the expansion of metro projects. It is only a suggestion to the state governments as the central government has not taken any decision on this. According to the proposal, people who own property within 500 meters of Metro line should pay the extra tax. Rachna Sharma, Director 333acre.com said, “I am in the favors of this proposal, but it should be apply when metro connectivity is on its destination”.

On-line Promotion; Key Tool To Come Under Top Search List

‘Real estate’ a single word consist the process of Sale & Purchase of buildings, renovation and re-lease of existing buildings and many more. Developers usually take the maximum risk in the creation or renovation of real estate. The developers are the coordinators of the activities, converting ideas on paper into real property. Developers work with many different counterparts like architects, city planners, engineers, surveyors, inspectors, contractors, leasing agents and more. Typically, developers purchase an area of land, develop the building program and design, obtain the necessary approval, build the structure, and lease, manage, and ultimately sell it. To sale the projects developers need promotion. New projects and new developer/builder are often unknown to a market. In this situation the marketer must focus promotion to effectively reach customers and tell the market about their projects. There are the varieties of real estate portals worldwide but the question is which one actually executing the commitments or which one is beneficial from all the aspects of on-line promotion. Many companies use different techniques to promote their projects, but in this modern era on-line promotion is considered as a best tool of promotion. India’s leading real estate portal 333acre which believes to provide best, is offering comprehensive opportunity to the builders and their projects to come under top list in Google search. 333acre, a leading real estate portal which has been providing the on-line promotion facility to the developers or builders for a long, believes to provide exhaustive promotion and services to its customers. To promote the developers projects and enhance the project range, 333acre provides the variety of promotional activities like ‘Top Banner Advertisement’ with micro sites (unlimited pages) which offer advertiser to come under top searching list in Goggle. Secondly 333acre allows project listing on the portal so the every logger can see the listed project. Along with above, the other attributes like Bulk mailer, SMS & E-mail is also play a vital role to get project familiar among people. In the on-line promotion 333acre provides the services of SEO (Search engine optimization) and SMO under which 333acre update blogs, articles, Testimonials on the purchased keywords for micro site promotion on promoter sites as well as the Facebook, Twitter and other social website so the micro site/project come under top search list. The world of social media doesn't just involve socializing. Social media marketing is quickly becoming quite a large part of business marketing campaigns worldwide.

Development Hub in Master Plan, 2021

To revise the Master plan 2021 of Gurgaon and extend the target year from 2021 to 2025, a new developmental plan, Gugaon - Manesar Urban Complex 2025 has been formulated taking into consideration the proposed growth of the city up to 2025. According to the new guidelines, the population density has been calculated at 120 people per acre, compared to the earlier population density of 100 people per acre. The draft plan is being formulated for new sectors, sector 58 to 115, so that new provisions can be made accordingly, as the sectors are still in the planning process. The Gurgaon - Manesar Master Plan 2025 has pushed up the availability of comprise of land for development and avenues for new growth corridors. Sector 8, 11, 12, 12A and Palam Vihar comprise the old section of Gurgaon. Sector 4, 5, 14, 15, 29, 56 and 57 are amongst the most developed HUDA sectors in Gurgaon. Areas like DLF Phase IV, Sushant Lok I-III and Golf Course Road are the prime residential areas commanding the highest real estate prices. The two main clusters are along the upcoming Dwarka - Gurgaon Expressway in New Gurgaon Sector 102 to 113 and Sector 76 to 95 along the NH-8 connecting Gurgaon to Manesar. Both these clusters were predominantly marketed as affordable and mid-income housing catchments. A host of projects were launched in these locations over 2009 and 2010. The peak of these areas popularity was in mid-2010; however, as with most developments, a generic price rise of between 15-20 per cent dampened demand with price-sensitive buyers. Though still favored by budget home seekers, these areas have also seen recent launches in the premium segment by bigger developers like Sobha, ATS and Puri Constructions. This phenomenon has attracted HNI buyers and investors who are looking for capital appreciation opportunities. In comparison to projects in the Dwarka-Gurgaon Expressway precinct, the development along the NH-8 - spanning sectors 76 to 95 are selling at lower price points. Connectivity to these areas is expected to improve further with the development of the Northern Peripheral Road and the arterial sector roads. Sector-114, which lies near the upcoming Dwarka Expressway, is designated for commercial use. Due to its proximity to Delhi and the airport, commercial development here is expected to witness good demand levels. However, the demand for commercial office space would depend on the completion of the Dwarka Expressway, the internal sector roads and other infrastructure improvements. Currently, connectivity is through a 24-metre sector road. Most of residential demand for mid-segment housing is concentrated around the upcoming residential corridors around the Norhtern Peripheral Road and other sectors around NH-8. Prices in these projects have appreciated steadily over the second half of 2010 and the whole of 2011. This is an indicator of the healthy demand in these clusters. The Southern Peripheral Road is close to the established residential corridor of Sohna Road. A host of residential projects have been launched here by Unitech, Tata Housing, Today's Group, BPTP and Tulip, among others. Residential prices on the Southern Peripheral Road are closer to those of projects on Sohna Road and vary between Rs.4, 600-Rs.7, 200 Sq ft. Both these upcoming residential corridors in Gurgaon offer a host of options by reputed developers, and at prices which allow for a potential capital appreciation.

Investors’ Eyes Big On Budget 2012-13

Union Budget is one of the exigent annual cost-effective occurrences in India. Almost every sector and various companies are directly and indirectly depend on budget for their investment and other policy decisions. Same like every year, this year also the corporate sector expected a lot but the Budget 2012-13 illustrated independent reality. This year budget has not taken significant implements to rise-up real estate industry. This Budget drew mixed effects where the positive announcements were made in sectors like power, infrastructure, agriculture and aviation but the hike of excise and service tax disappointed the entrepreneurs which will result in an increase in cost of construction. Real Estate contributes huge percentage in GDP growth. Any improvement to this sector would help to boost GDP growth. But the Union Budget has done very little to strengthen real estate industry. The increased burden of 2% service tax and excise duty may decrease the demand of property. The increase in excise and service tax disappointed the enterprisers a lot, also its consequence may raise inflation rate. The budget offered almost no relief on home loan rates, cost of construction materials, project funding and taxes except for the ECB approval for ‘Affordable Housing. The Government also has tried to focus on affordable housing by allowing External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) for low-cost housing and extending the interest subvention for one more year for loans up to Rs. 15 lakh on property costing up to 25 lakh. The extension of the one percent interest subvention scheme for low cost housing is a great turn for this sector. This makes it possible for developers to get funds at a lower cost. In order to ease liquidity, the government has also reduced withholding tax on ECBs for affordable housing from 20% to 5% for 3 years.

Indian Real Estate Firms Face a Reality Check

Real estate stocks have been hit hard during the current stock market meltdown. In addition, home prices have fallen by as much as 25% in certain urban markets. This is a new phenomenon in India, where boom and bust cycles in property markets have rarely occurred in the past. Rising interest rates and loss of jobs in the financial sector are squeezing demand, and home foreclosures have begun in some areas. Will the hard times continue? According to real estate experts interviewed by 333acre.com, despite the present slowdown, sound reasons exist for optimism in the long run.

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