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Commercial In Noida?

Commercial in Noida, Flat in Greater Noida, 2 bhk in Noida , ready to move flat in Noida , digitalized property portal. After the Uttar Pradesh government passed the proposal for the Noida-Greater Noida Metro line, the Greater Noida Authority has come up with a new plan to connect the high-tech city with Indira Gandhi International Airport For more information visit:- http://www.333acre.com/.If all goes well, then a high-speed Metro link will connect Greater Noida with other National Capital Region cities. Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Trust (DMIC) will reportedly fund the project. It has also been given the responsibility to prepare a detailed project report which will be submitted to the ministry of urban development for a go ahead. As Rachna Sharma CEO of 333acre shared that the high-speed Connectivity Metro will run at a speed of 160 km per hour and cover the 66 km distance in just 40 minutes. The normal speed of a metro train is 90 km per hour. There will be five stations on this track — Bodaki, Pari Chowk, Faridabad, Gurgaon and airport. DMIC will join hands with FNG (Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad) to lay the tracks for the metro line. A bridge would be constructed on the Yamuna River near Kondli village, five km from Pari Chowk. The train would be then connected to Badarpur Metro station, Delhi and Gurgaon as Rachna Sharma again shared. Chief executive officer of Noida, Greater Noida Authority, Rama Raman, told Rachna Sharma CEO of 333acre ‘For the high-speed metro line, we have spoken with the DMIC trust and have given it the task of preparing DPR. Once the DPR is complete, we will try to propose it to pass.’ As per report from 333acre.com If this project gets a green signal from the government, it will prove to be a boon for the residents of Greater Noida. Hundreds of people from the city travel to NCR, especially Gurgaon, Delhi and Faridabad daily for various reasons. The high-speed metro will not only save their time but will also make the travel easier and comfortable. DMIC is constructing the 1,483 km long corridor to connect Bodaki railway station with Jawaharlal Nehru port in Mumbai. This line would also benefit the investors as it will make the connectivity easy and fast. 333 Acre


You made all those savings for years, made an investment in a house and now when you find the market to be perfect and ripe for selling your home, it is necessary that you do every possible thing to play your hand well. To capitalize on one’s own investment is a swell moment and nothing wrong in making that extra profit, right? The idea therefore is to get hold of that buyer who is ready to pay the amount you desire. As per the research done by various real-estate firms, the important factor that every buyer looks for before making a new purchase is ‘clarity’, be it in their appeal of the house or documentation.It is highly regarded by buyers if they find your houses pick and span and clutter free. So, it is imperative that you tap on that emotion. The fact that selling your home can be quite a hassle, moreover to keep it ‘clean’is equally painful if not more. So you can follow just a few steps you’ll be able to crack that deal by hitting the bulls-eye: Image source: MS Office 1. To stay organized, the idea is to present your own house as a product, now, the better the appeal of your product, it is highly likely that the buyer will show a greater degree of interest.If you have an ordered arrangement, people get the idea that they can also do the same and thus they are thus intrigued. a) Make sure that you have no piece of unwanted garment lying around. Have two hampers or laundry bagsat least: one for dirty clothes from all family members and the other for clean clothes that have yet to be folded. And make sure that you keep them aside, at their appropriate places.b) If you have children, limit the toys that the young kids & toddlers have to play with and store them in a decorative container that goes with family room décor. By doing this you are not only able to dispose of the mess but at the same time are able to add to the aesthetics of the house that you are going to sell.c) Nobody likes newspaper/journals or magazines lying around, it will be helpful if you use a big box with an appropriate top cover to store the magazines and papers and keep them out of sight for example in staged closet.d) Finally, the things that go unseen: have a big bags or beach baskets to take that last minute clutter with you into the car when home is being shown.2.Since you have taken care of the visuals, now it is important that you avoid any undesirable smells to pervade the vicinity.a) You can, if possible avoid making food that has strong smell. If the odour is somehow unable to subside, you can hire professional cleaners to get the job done.b) If you have more than one bathroom, prefer to use just one on D-Day, and make sure there is no stagnating water anywhere. A clean and dry bathroom, shows how hygienic the surroundings overall will be. 3. Auxiliaries:a) Plants not only add to the beauty of the house but also present a sense of warmth. For this purpose one small pot outside the entrance door and one inside the house can do the trick.b) Make sure that the furniture’s and appliances in the house are wiped clean. By following these simple steps you and your loved ones will not only be happy with the sale but also will be able to stay calm and feel secure. Henceforth the deal will sail smoothly and you`ll be rewarded with the “sold” sign. from www.333acre.com

What is RED?

Its a time of Digitalization. 333Acre gave a very nice key word in real estate i.e RED (Real Estate Digitalization). Mrs. Rachna Sharma (Founder & Director of www.333acre.com) supports RED Programme. I have been associated with www.333acre.com since three years So far, I have been a part of the unique thinkers and winning team. To the extent, its been a very fantastic organization. Mrs. Rachna Sharma won the “Priyadarshani Award” by our current miniority minster “Madam Nazma Heptullah” this year 2015. Now People can get all the services and information under one hub.


The commonest excuse given by people when asked to invest in realestate is that they simply don’t have the money and much time to enquire all the things. Perhaps Mrs. Rachna Sharma (Founder & Director of www.333acre.com) supports Digitalized Real Estate Programme. I have been associated with www.333acre.com since three years So far, I have been a part of the unique thinkers and winning team. To the extent, its been a very fantastic organization. Mrs. Rachna Sharma won the “Priyadarshani Award” by our current miniority minster “Madam Nazma Heptullah” this year 2015. Its really her great efforts and require constant motivation and new ideas to continue pushing through. We loved our achievements and feel really great.

Digital India by realestate sector?

Mrs. Rachna Sharma, Founder & Director of 333acre property portal. According to her Digitalization in realestate means Information & Implemention in a quick and betterway. In realestate sector people required exact information about the property, its location, its price, legal issues etc. Informations needs to be genuine and managed by intelligent people and after that communicated in a smart way. Till now this process is not digitalized by any realestate company or portal but www.333acre.com team says they are working on it because information is the first step of investment in property and when a particular information is in demand then it means we need more professional approach. Now a days what builders do ? They have promised more and more but in actual they are not able to delivered all promises. We are trying that when people evaluated all the property informations like price of property, circle rate of property, interest of loan against that property etc. under one roof in genuine way then they can implement in sure. www.333acre.com

Where to Invest in Delhi NCR ?

If you are looking for the Real Estate Investment options in Delhi/NCR? One big question in your mind that is where should we go. Invest in Gurgaon, Invest in Jaipur because it is cheapest, invest in Faridabad, Invest in Noida or Greater Noida and bla bla bla. 333 acre will give you best answer.Just categorize all the places in two categories Developed and Developing. if you want to earn good return always invest in developing place.Our expert will advice you "Free of Cost". www.333acre.com mail: info@333acre.com Written 27 sep 2015

While Invest; Pick-Out Decent Decision ?

Real Estate Development in Jaipur has reached surprising heights. The city is well-rich with elevated infrastructure and good connectivity to major and international cities. Diversified Big developers/builders are the main players of real estate growth here. The pink city Jaipur is continuously lifting-up in Real Estate Market. Infrastructural development, Metro connectivity, High-rise buildings, flyovers, hotels, and other institutional facilities like Birla University, Jagannath University, famous girls college, Dental College, Mahindra SEZ (Social Economic Zone), New Airports etc are the major source of booming this city, hence the investors are exuberantly moving here. The well-renowned name Omex and vatika builders have launched such big projects in NH-12 (Kota-Mumbai Highway) and NH-8 (Delhi-Jaipur highway). Punchsheel, Raheja, Felicity and Lotus-valley are some SMEs builders who have also introduced such projects in NH-8 with Omex and Vartika have not given the possession of land. The company committed very much but the investors actually didn’t acquire the authority on land as per their commitment. Along with this the NH-12 also shows the same picture in-front. To earn extreme revenue, the builders are promised a lot but actually the reality comes out with unusual persona. There are some valid suggestions for investors, to follow these steps an investor can go-down the risk factor during investing the money in project. Want a sound investment? Follow these steps a) Have the Builders full registry / land is authorized: - There are lots of builders who sell unauthorized projects. For example a developer sale 50 Bigha land while he had only 10 Bigha authorized land. Carefully check the land is fully authorized or not. b) S.C Land: - Government offers land to S.C (Scheduled Castes) which cannot be sell, hence the investors check-out first whether the land is related to SC or not. c) CLU (Conversion of Land Use):- Before purchased a land the investor also take care about the land is CLU or not if he want to converse it into residential or vis-a vis. d) Government Certificate 90A/90B :- There is also checked the builder is Government 90A/90B certified or not. e) Buyer-Seller Agreement: - The investor should check the buyer-seller agreement. The agreement should also comprise penalty clause. Finally, 333acre wants to aware all the investors to invest safely with the good one, who can really move your home dream into reality, to be secure from scoundrels.

Planning to buy resale property?

Check if the documents are in order: Make sure the documents regarding the original purchase and subsequent transfer of title are stamped. This is essential if u wish to apply for a loan.

Engage an agent: Real estate agents can help you with information regarding the seller of the property. Also, try taking the help of a good lawyer to get due diligence done.

Title of the property: Try and establish the title of the property seller-find out if the person is real owner of the property and if he has been given the power of attorney to transact the deal.

Where are the documents? If the owner is unable to show you the original property documents, it could mean these are with a bank and that the property is mortgaged. The loan should be repaid.

Applying for a loan : Valuation experts would have to evaluate the property. As far as banks are concerned, some may not want to pass a loan for buildings that are older than 10 years.

FDI in Indian Real Estate Industry?

The mere mention of the term FDI creates panic among the domestic, small and medium industry entrepreneurs and workforce in India. These entrepreneurs seek protection under various laws and regulations to withstand the competition from global giants. In a country like India where the unemployment rate is high, local talent also needs to be protected from the highly skilled labour from abroad.

Now it has entered in Indian Industry too. FDI has its advantages and disadvantages in the industry. The latest report of foreign companies joining Indian developers is through a joint venture with a famous -based builder, Raheja. Raheja has finalized an arrangement with the leading UAE construction company based in Dubai, Arabtec Construction. Arabtec will hold 63per cent stake in the joint venture whereas the Rahejas will keep the remaining 37 per cent. The venture is planning a few high rise buildings in the Region with 50 plus floors.

There are many advantages of FDI in Indian Industry. The major one being, the introduction of international standards, in terms of design, technology, and materials with regard to construction. This will take construction in India a bit higher. FDI will also facilitate large inflow of funds at comparatively low cost. The work force here will have an excellent opportunity to work with experienced workforce abroad. Thus learn new things.

Developers find ways to meet deadlines?

Developers are now in a rat race to finish the projects on time. They are juggling with the available resources in the best possible way to meet the deadlines. They are also opening up to other options they rarely considered in the past. Wondering why? Here is the answer! Developers realized that the faster they complete their project the sooner they will be able to lease or sell their and with the lower interest payment on their borrowings they will be able to save really well.

With the traditional resources becoming expensive, developers have started considering those options that are slightly costlier. Developers have now started using steel for their structures. Though using steel shoots up the construction cost by 15%, the projects are delivered 1.5 years in advance. Builders have started employing machines in order to cover up the delays caused by the labour scarcity and expense.

Developers have become cautious at every stage of the construction cycle, right from getting their designs to project completion. They found means of cost cutting at every stage of project so that they could spend on expensive resources. Big developers resort to architecture firms for timely delivery of project designs. Though they are expensive, the project design is frozen and compact before the construction starts. The percentile of errors are less compared to their Indian counterparts. This helps them in finalizing orders for raw materials, labour and other items for the project in advance. This early placement of orders saves developers another 5-7% of cost.

Keep your home fire proof?

With the rapid urbanization and faster development, fire accidents have become a common catastrophe. One of the best ways to secure one’s future is through fire insurances. Fire insurance covers building and its contents. However, all these properties need to be declared specifically while seeking insurance. There are certain add-ons to the that are highly useful in case of damages.

Fire insurance cover

1. Building not only covers the structure but also the permanent fixtures, sanitary fittings and such other permanent fittings.

2. Garages, covered porches, canopies and even boundary walls can be covered under the fire policy.

3. Private roads, swimming pools and foundations.

4. Though foundations do not carry any fire risk, the same is susceptible to damage from earthquake.

Types of Fire Insurance Policy

There are different types of Fire Insurance Policies, one can opt for according to the needs.

Specific Policy: The insurance company is liable to pay a sum, which may be less than the 's real value, in this type of policy. The insured is called to bear a part of the loss, as the actual value of the is not considered in deciding the amount of indemnity. This is a case of under-insurance of .

Comprehensive Policy: Also known as the "all-in-one" policy, this policy makes up for the loss arising out of fire, burglary, theft and third party risks. The policyholder also gets paid for loss of profits incurred, due to fire, till the time the business remains shut.

Valued Policy: The value of the commodity is already set and actual loss is not taken into consideration in this policy. The policy follows a standard contract of indemnity, wherein the policyholder gets paid a specific amount of indemnity, without considering the actual loss.

Floating Policy: This type of policy is subject to an average clause and the extent of coverage expands to different properties, belonging to the policyholder, under the same contract and one premium. The floating policy also provides protection of goods kept at two different stores.

Replacement or Re-instatement Policy: Here the insurance company instead of paying the policyholder the amount of indemnity in cash, replaces the damaged commodity with a new one.

4 reasons you should buy a small house?

One goes through a lot of struggles to own a house. Budget and location become decisive factors in home shopping. If you bought a small house, don’t get disheartened. Smaller homes are better options not just for investment purpose but also to live in. Smaller homes have many advantages over the bigger ones, even for living. Here are a few.

1. They are cheaper: Smaller homes are cheaper in all aspects because of its size, be it monthly expenditure. Small homes have smaller rooms to heat and cool, less square footage on the outside to paint and a smaller roof. Hence monthly bills come less and has lesser maintenance charges.

2. Saves time. It takes lesser time to clean and maintain a small house. This saves time especially in a fast paced life.

3. Smaller homes promote simple living: Living in a smaller home leaves a little space for the family to store their belongings. The family living in, will be forced to dispose off unwanted items.

4. Easy to sell. Smaller homes are easy to dispose of compared to mansions and bigger homes.

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