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Vastu Gallery

Vastu for Home

Vastu works when ‘Aamdani Athani kharcha Rupaya’ and also when financial crisis, ill health and emotional turbulence grab the people from all side. Vastu is an art of house construction. Variety of people has diversified opinion about vastu. Some believes a lot whether some don’t have the proper knowledge about it. People believe on God whereas no one seen him in the same way people believe on Vastu.

Vastu for home is associated with good luck, prosperity, health, flow of finance of the family. Vastu for home largely depends on its construction. If the construction and home design is not according to Vastu, it may cause of various problems. Vastu is connected with the right designing and position of each and every aspect of a home. It is suggested that one should keep the basic principles of Vastu while house hunting or construct a house and designing it. Vastu suggests the appropriate structure and position of a house.

Kitchen Vastu

  • South-east represents the most propitious kitchen setting. Alternatively, consider a north-west position as second choice.
  • Give priority to north and east for kitchen entrance and east for cooking.
  • The day-to-day wastes from the kitchen should be covered and placed in the southwest corner of the kitchen.
  • Place water sink in the north-east with the maximum distance from cooking gas.
  • Electric equipment should be placed in South-west whether water related work should be in northwest direction.

  • There should be no toilets and bathrooms proximate the kitchen.

Vastu For Rooms

  • The head of the family should have his bedroom in the southwest direction.
  • Bedroom should not be located in the southeast direction, as it is said that the children might lose interest in studies. And further, this direction also causes lack of sleep.
  • The wall-color of the bedroom should be off-white, green blue or light pink.
  • One should not place any religious icon’s portrait in bedroom.
  • A northwest room direction is appropriate for guests.

Vastu For Bathrooms

  • Prefer north or east alignments for your bathroom entrance.
  • Prefer North as well as North-west alignments for the bathroom.
  • Avoid construct bathroom near to Pooja Room and Kitchen.
  • The door of the bathroom should be kept under lock otherwise negative energy may spread all over the house.
  • Bathroom tiles, according to ideal house plan, must be of light natural color.

Vastu For Prayer Room

  • Choose north-east direction for prayer room. It is believe that it provides the prosperity, happiness, inner strength, health, and wealth.
  • The face should be towards east when anyone worship.
  • The wall color of the prayer room should be of sandal color.
  • All idols and photographs should be kept facing east or west.

Vastu for Doors and Windows

  • The main door should be larger as compared to the doors of inner rooms and the doors should open towards the walls.
  • The windows should be at least 3 feet above the ground level and range from the same level from the top. They should open from the northern and eastern sides of the building.
  • Entrances to the house placed in the northern, eastern and north-eastern directions, are considered auspicious.
  • There should be no water body opposite any entrance door of the house.

Vastu for drawing room

  • Drawing Room should be in the east or north so one can get the morning sunlight and positive vibrations.
  • The door of the drawing room should be in East or West.
  • The sitting arrangement of the head of the family should be facing the east or in the north-direction.
  • The heavy articles of furniture or decoration should be in the west or the south direction.

  • As far as possible TV should be in the southeast portion of the drawing room.
  • Furniture of this room should not be circular, triangular, egg shaped hexagonal or odd shapes. It should be square or rectangular.
  • Portraits of birds, animals, women, weeping children, scenes from the wars etc. should not be displayed in the room as they give the gloomy feelings and thus the negative vibes.
  • The color of the walls and the tiles used in this room should be white, yellow, blue or green. As far as possible it should not be red or black.
  • No photograph of God should be hanged above the entrance door, from outside.
  • The fireplace, if designed, should be done in Southeast part of the living room.

Other Essential Vastu Tips

  • If the construction of a house is strong the Vastu also works well.
  • One should follow the basic Vastu tips for a house as it is helpful in retaining peace and harmony in the house.
  • When purchasing a land, plot or site, Vastu indicates that the sites should face the south-western, southern and western directions.
  • It is advisable to purchase those plots that are either rectangular or square in shape. As far as possible, the site should slope towards north and east or northeast directions.
  • Vastu suggest not constructing the kitchen and the bathroom next to each other.

  • No broken mirror should be kept in the house.
  • Everything over ground should be kept in the southern or western direction.
  • Huge trees should not be grown in north or east instead should be grown in the southern or western side of the house.
  • One should avoid the poster of a war scene, an angry man, owl, eagle etc.

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