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Vastu Gallery

Vastu For Office / Commercial

Office is chiefly constructed to get overall success and profit. Vastu principles for industry ensure the successful production and profitable business. Vastu helps industry to get prosperity in business. Vastu principles for offices, takes into consideration many factors like proper location, space, direction in which different departments of the office are located, position of various gadgets and many more. Vastu suggests the appropriate structure and position of a house.

Vastu For Office Construction

  • The office facing east is considered good for corporate success.
  • Take care about the height of the building is equal in all sides.
  • Make sure that the office is not built near a temple, graveyard or hospital.
  • Doors and windows of the office should be positioned in the north and east direction.
  • Cabins for senior executive must be constructed in the southern, western and south-western sections.
  • Eastern and northern zones are best for seating the middle level employees.

  • Accounts department must be situated in the southeast direction.
  • Waiting room can be made in North-west or North-east.
  • Reception must be in the northeast segment of the office.
  • The best location for toilets is southwest and northeast.
  • The windows and doors of the workplace must be placed in northern and eastern direction.

Vastu For Office Owner

  • The main head or owner of the business organization must face north while working or dealing with clients.
  • It is advisable to have a rectangular desk for the owner of the company.
  • If the boss is sitting east in the same direction, he has to keep cash box or cupboard on the right side.
  • Important documents, papers & project etc should be stored in South-Western corner of the room of the boss.

Vastu For Reception

  • Design the Reception in the North-Eastern direction.
  • The receptionist should sit facing the north or east direction.
  • The reception should never lead to restrooms. This proves to be a big barrier for continuous growth.

Vaastu For Office Employees

  • It is suggested that the staff should work b facing the north or east direction.
  • The seating arrangement of senior employees like Chairman or General Manager should be in southern, western and southwestern area of the office.
  • Their faces should be towards East.
  • The accounts department should be located in the southeast direction.

  • Northern and eastern zones would be appropriate for seating the middle level officers. Reserve the northwest portion for the field staff.
  • Marketing department should be located in the northwest zone of the office.

Other Essential Vastu Tips

  • All the important documents should be placed in the southwest direction.
  • The side tables and telephones have to be installed in the south west corner.
  • Cabinets or safe containing important documents must be placed in the south-west direction.
  • The central zone of the office must be kept vacant.
  • When the office is east facing the flooring should be from west to east and from south to north.

  • If there is temple in the office construct in North-East.
  • Toilets should be built in West or North-western side while avoid toilet in South-east, North-east & East.
  • Parking of vehicles inside the office corridors should be in South-West zone.
  • Staff canteen may be placed in South-East.
  • Heavy plants and machineries should be erected in West, South and South-West zones.

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