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Vastu Gallery

Acharya Bharat Bhushan

(Mobile: +91- 9212555297)

Vastu – The Eternal Guide To Buying/Selling Property

The ancient doctrine of Vastu has always been observed by the masses from time immemorial as it is believed to bring good health and prosperity. Vastu shastra or the ‘science of construction’ is based on the correlation of the 5 elements of nature with human dwelling. The principles of vastu were primarily used for the construction of holy places and shrines during the early medieval period. Today, even the heavy influence of the western world has not deterred the masses from following the practices of vastu while purchasing / renting or selling of residential and commercial property. Vastu has the right solution to make your dream home the perfect place to commence a life filled with good health and prosperity.

Factors to keep in mind while buying residential property
  1. Entrance should be from North or North east
  2. Ensure that the kitchen is positioned in the south-east corner. Avoid kitchen placed in the North-east
  3. If you are purchasing an apartment, verify that the building has a well-designed core with staircase and lift in the south-west corner
  4. In the case of a multi-storied building, the water tank must be placed in the north-eastern corner in order to reap the natural benefits of sunlight
  5. When you are buying or constructing an independent house, make sure that it does not share any common wall with the neighbor’s. This helps in retaining the positive energies and vibes generated in your house
Tips for buying commercial property
  1. When you are purchasing a plot, look for one that is rectangular in shape bearing 1:1 or 1:2 side ratios. Avoid an ‘L’ shaped plot at is it inauspicious for the owner
  2. Ensure that the plot has ample open space towards the North and east side
  3. A commercial complex should be built on a land that slopes from South to North and West to East
  4. According to vastu, shadow from trees should not fall on a complex till 4 p.m. Hence, it is advisable not to plant tall trees near the complex
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